Seeking His Heart
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i started playing guitar back in 1967. Dad gave me his JR, which I still have. Larrie and I played ata talent show for the school if i remember correctly. we placed 4th. we had a local garage band and played Hey Joe, House of the rising sun... stuff like that. it was fun but didnt last long. After we moved to Center City Mn i started up with my friend Warren E. i think his mom dint like us playing up in is room LOL. had fun with that. Ran into so many musicians through out the years. many good,many not so good.
  After I accepted the Lord in 76 i played a little here and there but nothing steady, or really meaningful
  I joined the navy and got to my perm squadron I met Tony. He was such an awesome guitarist, but I dont think he thought so. He lit a fire in me that has stayed lit for a very long time.
1982 started a band with a few guys in Denver. never got off the ground tho. too many super stars and no one was interested in coming together. 87 we started the band Power Slave. we started sounding pretty good and got band pics made and went to discuss studio time... things kinda fell apart after that. 1/2 the guys either couldnt pay their share or maybe didnt want to so that was the end of Power Slave.

Got with a pot head and his with in a trio called Justus in 90. we did a few gigs and really didnt click mush just doing light rock covers. the rest of the 90's was spent on martial arts and tournaments. I did pretty good with that and still dabble.
2001 Lorrie adn I got back to playing together again and seems to be the right niche. we played for the praise team at 1st Baptist in Ft lupton CO and startd SHH and Next Life Coffee House. That was a hoot we played allot therre and had so many talented young musicians come and play for the your group adn friends. even did whole day event with 7-8 bands. cops only came by 2 times i think
Today I'm here in the Philippines with my lovely wife and writing music  recording allot and just loving it. i will be pputting up new music and re-reording old music we've done thru the years
I hope you will enjoy is